Lion Gate Lodge is located in the Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney.  Adjacent to Mrs Macquaries Road and 500 meters from the NSW Art Gallery.  It's a two storey house with attached walled garden.

Best way in: There is direct pedestrian access off Mrs Macquaries Road straight into the Lodge.  It is only open for booked functions. This gate is about 500 meters from the Woolloomoolloo Gates of the Botanic Garden  (opposite the NSW Art Gallery).

You can walk from the main gate through the gardens to the Lodge although this route can be confusing as it is circuitous and not well sign-posted.

Royal Botanic Garden website - 

Parking:  Domain/  Art Gallery & Mrs Macquaries Road metered parking -  The hourly rate is $7 with a maximum of 4 hours in each payment.

Full day parking:
The Domain (although a bit of a walk) is $10 flat for Sunday parking  Opens at 9am.

W'loo Bay - Lincoln Cres.  $25 for Sunday parking. Opens at 9:30am

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