Dress & Weather

Lounge Suit & Cocktail Dress (with optional hat)  is our dress code.     There is limited wording available to describe what that means in an invitation, plus everyone has their idea of what is comfortable and suitable.

Lounge suit is any long trousers with a collared shirt, optional tie and jacket
Cocktail dress, or jumpsuit or short suit is perfect as well.

Optional Hat - I'd like to see you all wears hats.  Lovely big summer hats.  Whether you have a favourite racing hat, or daytime hat, but something so you can enjoy an outdoor day.  Of course, if it's pouring, bring an umbrella.  One guest has selected a pith helmet for the ceremony and a Vienna opera cap for lunch.

Lion Gate Lodge has a lovely sunny garden and with the average temperature of 17-24 for Sydney in March, you will need hat, sunglasses and sunscreen.  The lunch part is undercover

Current weather forecast for Sunday is 30 Deg

Rain - soft or heavy -  The wedding will be held at Lion Gate regardless of weather.  The covered lunch area caters for 60 people with a few rooms inside.

Sydney weather site - Bureau of Meteorology

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